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What’s a Nato strap?

The Nato watch strap was elevated to stardom when the Aston Martin driving, smooth talking Sean Connery wore one in the James Bond film, Goldfinger. Previously this humble band of nylon was a well thrusted alternative to leather for the British military. It also features in the most recent Bond film, Spectre. The Brits chose the nylon weave of this watch strap, for its flexibility and durability. It holds up to demanding conditions, dries quickly and is very difficult to break. Originally, when it was issued out to the chaps its only colour was grey; but now there are hundreds to choose from. The straps are great for sport, excellent for hospitality workers and anyone who frequently gets their hands...

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The Face of Entrepreneurial Brisbane Fashion

It's a typically beautiful Sunday morning in Brisbane and I am on my way to meet what I think is a pretty brave guy taking on an industry that can be  harder to climb than the Story Bridge.  With a Merlo flat white hustled from James street to boost my step I head to the very sleek Alpha Mosaic Hotel to have a chat with Chris Pilton the man behind DeMontbrayPilton one of the only watch brands ever to be designed in our river city.  Chris, an English accented Brizzy guy of six years who has chosen to put down roots here is as every bit stylish in both presentation and demeanour as his watches.  A project manager who has worked across Nuclear Power, Mining, Oil...

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