Product Care & Information

To get the best from your purchase from DeMontbrayPilton, give your purchase the pride of place and care we recommend below.

  • Avoid rough surfaces that will causes scratches on the glass or case of the watch. Rough surfaces will also damage leather wrist bands.
  • Avoid contact with chlorine, bleach and any other solvents, naked flame, extreme heat, hot water washing, machine washing and washing detergent
  • The case of the watch is polished and
  • Sunlight may case discoloration and damage of leather wrist bands.
  • The silver watch is made of stainless steel of the quality (316L).
  • The gold watch has a stainless steel core (316L) and two platings on top of this
  • Glass The glass of the watch is made of hardened mineral glass. It is resistant against normal wear and tear but should be used with care.
  • Battery The expected life length of the battery is 2 to 4 years depending on outer conditions such as heat/cold.
  • The battery is a silver oxide cell battery (standard button cell).
  • Leather wristbands are made of Italian calf leather and are treated with vegetable oil.
  • 5 ATM Our watches are classified as waterproof 5ATM. That means they are suitable for everyday use and are splash/rain resistant but should avoid direct contact with water.
  • Be very careful with the strap changing tool because it is very sharp, children should not touch this in particular.
  • Some of the components are choke hazards and children should not touch at all.
  • Wear your fantastic new timepiece with pride, you’re part of the club now.