Our Story

The story begins with the brother of the founder; Lewis Oliver Pilton a Master’s student who completed his English Literature MA six weeks early. Lewis has a thirst for knowledge, is passionate about books and has meticulous attention to detail. Lewis had all of the resources the British education system could offer + time + a willingness to decipher where his own surname derived from.

Lewis built on some earlier research commissioned by Grandpa Derrick Percy Pilton years before. This work gave him a flying start and helped align the blurry old data to land on a strong and well documented path into history.

The Pilton surname that adorns our timepieces comes from the Anglo-Norman baronial house derived from Montbray in Normandy. Through various historical events the name was changed from de Montbray, to Mowbray and then by order of the King of England changed to Pilton to align with land ownership.

We are a watch company proud of our brand. It is not only our name; but the name of forefathers that renders us incredibly passionate about what our timepieces represent.

We are watch collectors and believe exquisite watches that you can enjoy today and the next generation can preserve shouldn't cost a mint.

We are an Australian company with agents in a few spots around the globe. We were founded in 2015 and launched online late 2015.

The founder of the company is Christopher Daniel Pilton, he’s a watch man that still has every watch he’s ever purchased or received. Chris’ interest in design started as a child sketching everything from cars, houses, shoes, watches and other clothing designs. At five years old he designed a sweater that he persuaded his Nanna Iris Veronica Timney to knit for him… obviously a 17 colour wool sweater from a five year old mind wasn’t very popular nor was it very stylish.

However, his designs are more refined now and owning a company solely producing timepieces was something Chris wanted to pursue. He is a collector and has introduced DeMontbrayPilton as versatile timepiece to a global market. A DMP watch is a stylish statement timepiece, elegant and can be worn by ladies or gents, irrespective of occasion and dress code.  With interchangeable NATO and leather straps, wearing our watches ensures versatility.

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