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DeMontbray Pilton

DeMontbrayPilton is an Anglo-Australian Watch Company based in Brisbane Australia founded by Chris Pilton. We are passionate about our products, our customer experience. We are obsessive over style and quality with a focus on an end result that looks and feels incredible.

The Name

Long before our classic watches, the story begins with the brother of the founder; Lewis Pilton a Master’s student who completed his MA six weeks early. He had all of the resources the British education system could offer + time + a willingness to decipher where his own surname derived from.

Research revealed the Pilton surname that proudly adorns DeMontbrayPilton timepieces comes from the Anglo-Norman baronial house derived from Montbray in Normandy, France. However, by order of the King of England de Montbray was changed to Pilton to align with land ownership.

Early Design 

Chris is a watch man that still has every watch he’s ever purchased or received. His interest in design started as a child sketching everything from cars, houses, shoes, watches and other clothing designs. At five years old he designed a sweater that he persuaded his Nanna Iris to knit for him… obviously a 17 colour wool sweater from a five year old mind wasn’t very popular nor was it very stylish.

On to Watches

Years later, Chris decided to resolve some niggles he had with his watch collection. His Swiss Watches were too thick for business shirts, his Swedish Watches and Minimalistic Watches were too basic. He decided to design a watch that achieved design excellence with simplistic classic styling that felt streamlined on the wrist and attracted admiration.

During initial designs Chris decided that there was no better way to honour his ancestors then to combine Pilton with de Montbray to create DeMontbrayPilton. Once the name was selected the focus was back to design, quality and innovation. The DeMontbrayPilton design process was meticulous, nothing was rushed, and nothing was compromised.

The Watch Nerd

The component and supplier identification was scientific and calculated based on quality. Innovation was achieved with the beautiful Leather Travel Case included with all of our watches. Our travel case transports your watch and all its components safety, it looks amazing and acts as a safe platform to change your Leather Watch Band to your Nato Watch Band without damaging any surfaces.

The Company 

We are an Australian Designer Watch Company proud of our products. It is not only our name; but the name of forefathers that renders us incredibly passionate about what our timepieces represent.

A DeMontbrayPilton statement timepiece is stylish, elegant and can be worn by ladies or gents, irrespective of occasion and dress code. With interchangeable, Nato and leather watch straps; wearing a DeMontbrayPilton watch ensures versatility.

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