Milanese (Mesh) Strap Silver

Milanese (Mesh) Strap Silver


Designed in Australia, DeMontbrayPilton accessories are an excellent option to transform your DeMontbrayPilton watch into a very different style.


The addition of Milanese Straps to our range was direct feedback from a Swiss watch master, he told Chris when they met that "The beautiful design of your dials lends perfectly to these kind of elegant and fine-grained bracelets" and here we are.


Traditional timepiece etiquette suggests that leather watch straps are for daytime use and you ought to wear a metal banded piece for evening events.


A DMP watch is a stylish statement timepiece, it's elegant and can be worn by ladies or gents, irrespective of occasion and dress code.  With interchangeable NATO and leather straps, wearing our watches ensures versatility.


Order with a watch today with ease and security to receive your affordable, luxury timepiece delivered express within 2-4 days to your door across the globe. If you order a strap on its own, please allow 7-10 days for delivery.  


To us, Timing is Everything


Designed in Australia
Silver Steel
Band Width
20mm Width
Stainless Steel - 316L
Watch not included